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18 July 2024

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19 July 2024

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23 July 2024

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Amy Sylvis Webinar 2/21/24

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SMC - Speaking - TGL - Roger Webb - Webinar - doTerra

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Retire With Ryan 5 Tax Strategies for High-Earning


Tax Goddess Live is delighted to host 3 part podcast with Fred Kroin “The Executionist”. Fred is an expert on Strategic planning and goal setting with over 30 years of management experience at start-up, mid-range and billion dollar firms with overall responsibility (creation, growth and P&L) for multi-million dollar professional services practices. Now consulting to CEOs, business owners and their management teams to improve focus and execution for accelerating profitability, productivity and teamwork through the implementation of business managements metrics, processes and facilitation of peer advisory boards for both small to mid-sized business owners and their complementary subject matter experts.

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Copyright © 2024 All rights reserved.