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“I truly feel like they are our business partner. I know I can count on Shauna and her team for anything I need from an accounting / tax standpoint. Thank you everyone at Tax Goddess Business Services for being so helpful and easy to work with.”

Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, aka “The Tax Goddess”, did a presentation for our group, The Phoenix Chapter of the Society of Financial Services Professionals, SFSP. We were blown away by her, and her knowledge of tax issues surrounding the financial planning areas we address with our clients. We work with CPA’s all the time concerning our client’s planning issues. Most of them are not up to speed with the tax ramifications surrounding the planning issues we handle. Shauna is different. Not only does she understand the tax ramifications, she also is forward looking. Meaning she is fully competent and integral in the discussions we are having with our clients.

I would highly recommend Shauna for any speaking opportunities you have if you are looking for a tax professional who knows her “stuff” and can communicate it effectively, with energy and style that will keep your attendees engaged.


“When my leadership team asked me if I knew someone that was comfortable presenting information through webinars, I said not only do I know a good one; a fantastic one. In fact, she is a goddess at these webinars. She really explains everything in a way that allows us to access cash fast; cash is king, as she says!” 

“Shauna was energetic, topical, and engaging. She effectively communicated what can often be seen as confusing information in a way that was practical and easy to digest. She definitely knows her stuff, and was of huge help to our team!”

“When she told me that I could save $32K in taxes, I said no way! You are freaking awesome! If you’re a business owner and want to save on your taxes, signing up with Shauna is a no brainer! She will save you tens of thousands of dollars that you didn’t even know were out there.” 

Shauna Wekherlien really IS a TAX GODDESS! Her presentation to our association was EXCELLENT. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about taxes in general and tax strategy specifically, but she did a great job customizing her presentation to our members and the questions and situations that we as speakers would find relevant. High energy with great information, Shauna was easy to work with and flexible in meeting our needs. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her for presentations to business groups and associations.

~Pam Wyess, Past President and current Co-Dean of the Michigan Speakers Academy
National Speakers Association of Michigan

Shauna’s did a presentation for our NSA Chapter, and it was invaluable! Not only was she engaging (a welcome shift in an age of boring zoom presentation overload!) but the information was so informed and useful. She made me think about things that I never even would have considered, and I’m looking forward to saving more money on my taxes this year. Everyone who attended is raving!

“Shauna presented everything in such an upbeat, positive, and easy-to-digest way. Our team was thankful for the valuable information she shared!” – HelmsBriscoe

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